You will finally have a team on your side that knows you, cares about you and your situation, and also knows what they are talking about. You can ask questions and we will answer them. So many clients tell us that their advisors either don’t answer their questions or don’t know the answers.  That won’t happen anymore.

You’ll have your binder with all of your documents to ensure things will always go smoothly, even at times when life seems upside down.

And you’ll have all of us, staying in touch with you through calls, letters, FaceBook, and special clients events.  You’ll meet other nice people just like you at our client-only annual Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Give-Awayour yearly Holiday party, get-togethers at places like Leu Gardens (you can see all of our clients at these events in the Photos tab of this web site), and other fun and educational events we have just for you.