Analyzing Your Situation

Our initial consultations are complimentary. We need to get to know you. You need to like and trust us. And we can’t do that in a rushed or sterile environment. Our offices feel like home. You won’t sit on the other side of a desk. You’ll enjoy coffee or tea and a biscotti or cookie while having a conversation sitting on a leather sofa. And if you retain us for your estate planning, you can be at ease, not worrying about a ticking billable hour, as you can retain us for many of our services at a flat rate. That’s right, no $350.00 to $400.00 hourly bills coming to you. And our flat-rate pricing is all-inclusive. No ala carte charges. Consultation, drafting, phone calls, emails, reviews, and even your all-important planning binder are included for one price under our flat-rate pricing schedule. Financial reviews are also done without charge to you. It’s just our way of putting you first, before a fee or compensation. You’ll like the way it feels. It is likely very different from anything else you have experienced.

We honor our fiduciary duty above all and practice full disclosure, due-diligence, and client communication. We work in a collaborative atmosphere with our clients, with whom we reach mutual agreement on every phase of the financial and estate planning process.